Lake Bowl, 1957

Lake Bowl and Ten Pin Brewing is a family operation built on a legacy of business and bowling in Moses Lake, Washington. Since 1957, our family businesses have rooted their success in innovation, quality, and community; at the center of which has always been a cold beer.

Back in 1967, Lake Bowl founder George Russell, worked diligently to help change state laws so that beer could be served in his bowling alley right down at the lanes. Once the beer began flowing it has been in our blood ever since.

George has been gone a long-time now, but he leaves us a legacy of beer, bowling, and ten pins that we work to live up to every day. Without grandpa George we wouldn’t be here today.

And now, this legacy provides a foundation for the third generation as we look to the future with a state-of-the-art brewery,
and a mission to throw a strike with every batch.